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Direct: 215-390-6685

If you would like to leave a message our staff can respond to, please use our direct line. This is a TEXT only line in order to log our callers.

Studio appointments are Sunday-Thursday by appointment only from 9am-4pm.

Our studio is natural light boudoir. We cannot hold your session past daylight hours.

Our weekends are reserved for Weddings and Engagements.





Retainers: All retainers are due within 72 hours of booking; final payment is due at the time of your session. Calendaring fees are half of your session cost; they will be applied to final cost in studio.

Calendar Retainer fees are NON-REFUNDABLE! Once you have accessed our client page and intellectual property you can not request a refund.

You have up to 12 business days prior to your shoot date to reschedule your session time. Anything under is a forfeiture of your retainer of reserved time.


Image Retainers:  All proofing and purchases of your session are completed in studio to keep in accordance with sales fraud laws in PA. Clients may ask for proofing links if they have put down a non-refundable image deposit equal to the cost of 6 images in the studio to receive an at home viewing link. The viewing link will come with instructions on how to select images as well as instructions on how to purchase the additional images.


Prints:  Once you receive your final images and pick your print selections, your prints will be shipped to our studio for you to pickup. We order prints in 2 times a month. You will be contacted to setup a pickup date when they arrive.

*Clients who receive a personal print release:  You may, with this release print photos at other Labs for your *personal use. However, we cannot guarantee that when you do not use our professional lab that they will not crop or change the color of your photos as they are not trained print professionals.

All images receive basic retouching and body conturing within reason. For additional retouching options outside of the scope of photo color correcting, light blemish work, we will need to send your photos to a professional retoucher at the clients expense.

All retouches are subject to approval by the client. As the client you can request an image re-edit at our cost the 1st time.  Any additional editing, we will charge you $40.00 for a new edit to your image. All images are cropped to print at basic 8x10 sizing, anything other should be requested prior. If you ask after final edits are delivered, you will be required to purchase a new edit. We retouch to still make you look real instead of plastic in your pictures. We retouch to the best of our ability but cannot change your weight, hair color or skin color.

We will be free to edit and enhance the photographs as we see fit (but we agree not to edit or modify any photograph in a derogatory or offensive manner).


Time: All studio times are set. If you are late, your session will not run past your scheduled end time. All makeup, hair styling, and stylist assistance during your shoot is included in your shoot times.

Images: Proofs will be reviewed immediately after your session. You will have the opportunity to see what enhancements and options are available for your images. We will demo directly on an image of your choice to see what our skinny tool and our make it bigger tool can do! During image selection we will offer our assistance in choosing your best images! All selections are final and cannot be changed once your order is paid for. Once your selections have been accepted, we will begin working on them. All selected proof images will be received 3-6 business weeks from image selection or final balances paid, whichever comes last.

During our Holiday season (May-Nov) image finals are returned within 6-8 weeks of selection. Time frames are extended due to Holidays. Our studio is closes the 2nd Friday of December to the first Friday after January 1st. Sessions booked before 11/05/17 will have holiday returns. Any appointments after will need to opt for a rush service for Holiday returns.

All Holiday returns will be received no later than 12/15/17.

Any images/prints that fall on the following Holidays will incur an additional 1 week time frame of return due to the studio being closed to allow our staff vacation.

1. The week of Memorial Day

2. The week of the 4th of July

3. The week of Labor Day

4. The week of Thanksgiving

From Dec 1st to Jan 5th the studio is closed for appointments to ensure Holiday order delivery to clients and to change our sets for the New Year.


The studio operates a full-time schedule the remaining weeks of the year.

**By booking your shoot with a time/calendar/service retainer you agree to the terms set here in as a verbal binding contract.

At any time we reserve the right to change any part of this contract and/or services.

the really small but important print

The Services
1.1 We agree to provide photography services with reasonable skill and care to clients of eighteen (18) years of age and older with a Valid PA ID.
1.2 If you have any particular requirements or requests (e.g. specific types of photograph, props or locations) please let us know in advance of a booking. In some cases specific requests may require additional payment.
1.3 By booking a photo session with Nikki Riley Photography you confirm that you have considered Nikki's photographic style and wish to proceed on that basis. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are not satisfied with the style of the photographs. Images are not included with session fees unless noted in the advertisement or session package type.

1.4 During a photo session you agree to comply with all of our reasonable directions. Nikki Riley may bring an assistant to any photo session. If you or any individuals in your party become difficult, abusive, disruptive, or violent to any member of our staff, we reserve the right to cancel the session and have you leave without refund. If you are asked to leave the studio, you will no longer be able to book with our studio.

1.5 Cancellation of Contract:  At any point during the curse of contract Nikki Riley Photography or any employee of Nikki Riley Photography may cancel your contract with written notice. If your contract is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund of the "cost paid" for your session fee or images only. Once a contract has been cancelled all images, digital or printed will be destroyed.

1.6 Are sales are Final. There are no refunds or changes to your sales order. PA allows for buyers remorse for 72 hours from time of payment. If you decide to cancel your image order your session fee is non refundable as you paid for time and service only. If you had a promo session and cancel your order we reserve the right to keep 30% of your original total for our time and service during your session.

1.7 When the client accesses their gallery and downloads their images there are NO REFUNDS. You my request re-editing if you are not satisfied. You the client have received final product and all work has been completed per this contract. If you place a charge back on your payment after receiving your completed gallery we do reserve the right to pursue for original cost, court fees and double the amount paid in small claims court in Philadelphia. THIS IS THEFT and we will pursue our legal rights with all channels including police reports and court remedy.

1.8 All galleries are delivered via online cloud services versus a drive or CD. Galleries are accessible to download your final images for 1 year. We do not keep any clients images past this time on our servers. If you do not download your session images within the time allotted you will have lost your images due to negligence on your part. Once your gallery has closed neither party has access and the link is automatically removed through site archival. Please download your images to a spare jump drive or cd to ensure you can continue to access them in the event of replacing or upgrading your computer.

Additional Services

Makeup: There are four (4) independent makeup artist located at the studio. You have the option to choose with whom to book. All fees are set by the independent artist and are paid separate unless noted in a special or combo advertised package (at which time each artist will have a combined agreement under the terms set forth on this page). Hair and makeup services are $125.00 and your session fee for the photographers time is $125.00 totaling $250.00.

Any and all contracts and releases are independently administered and liable through their company when purchasing their services.


Intellectual Property

1.1 We will retain all intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the photographs and other materials delivered to you. We will be free to edit and enhance the photographs as we see fit (but we agree not to edit or modify any photograph in a derogatory or offensive manner).
1.2 Upon payment of our fees in full you will be granted a license for personal and family use of the photographs. This license does not include any commercial use of the photographs for which an additional fee will be payable.
1.3 We will on occasion, WITH YOUR WRITTEN CONSENT, display the photographs we have taken for you in the client gallery section of our website or on the blog and we may use any of these photographs in our own marketing or publicity materials. From time to time we may also license photographs for commercial use. However we will inform you before displaying or licensing any photograph containing nudity and if you object, we will not proceed with the display, publication or licensing or remove any offensive material. If you object you will need to inform us in writing using a certified USPS delivery of your request.

1.4 Images are stored on a cloud server for instant file downloads. In the event of a breach of security, clients will be notified and we will take all good faith measures to remove images or protect the breach. We will provide proof of copyright to images in order to control the use of images on sites that crawl and index; google, bing, yahoo. In the event of a breach we are not held liable for images that may be hacked from cloud servers or breaches on part of the client.
1.5 You must not edit the images in any way.

Damages to Studio and Photography Equipment/Liability

1.1 Any items, props, or equipment damaged by your negligence will become payable immediately in studio. If you cannot afford the face value of the equipment minus 10%, your session photos will be held until paid in full.

1.2 We will not be liable to you for any property damage or financial loss or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage such as lost profit, lost opportunity, lost bargain, lost reputation or lost savings whether caused by our negligence, the negligence of our employees or agents or otherwise.

1.3 Our total liability will be limited to the amount of our charges. We will not be liable to any party other than the person who has made a booking.
1.4 In the event that all or substantially all of the photographs taken during a photo session are lost or destroyed by us then a replacement photo session will be arranged at no additional cost to you but you will not have a right to a refund.

1.5 All clients will be required to sign their contract forms in studio before their session begins! If you do not complete your entire contract we do hold the right to refuse service.


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