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Pick your Boudie

please note! if you are looking for grooms gift returns; please book at least 2-3 months prior to your wedding date to ensure time for printed deliverables.

Boudior Session Fee  $150

What is a session fee? We will help break down your boudie and guide you through what to expect before booking with us. We love informed clients and we know you love being informed!

A session fee is your photographers hourly rate for the time we provide our clients.

We help select  your outfits at your session  to find what works best for your body. We do have a client access page to help you get ready along with an awesome shopping guide by size, shape and assets to help you find lingerie for the session.
FUN FACT! Boudoir isn't just lingerie; its also whatever makes you feel sexy and shows a little skin too! We love big sweaters, t-shirts and gym wear (yes we said gym wear). We also love a good nude silhouettes session, a little spicy whips and chains and maybe a dog collar or two; its totally up to you! We never judge and you would be surprise how many star wars characters come through our doors :)

This is why we suggest throwing everything plus the kitchen sink in your bag for your session. Something you find just ok we can change the feel and add fun options to make an outfit better.

WE POSE YOU! We would never expect you to walk in and just pose sexy for us. Are there horror stories that we hear where women are told just to look sexy and figure it out? yes (cringe). But we would never leave you to you to figure out how to pose, look, or even make a face. The chances you would look unflattering are about 99%. No one came to feel fabulous and felt leaving like we just failed an algebra exam and we weren't give a text book beforehand!

But don't worry! We have that covered for you. We start with getting comfortable poses that do not require a lot of face time so you can get relaxed before we ask you to turn on the bombshell face. If you don't know your left from your other left :) we are there for you! promise. Every woman has a different shape and different assets; we work to highlight everything that works for YOU, not just for the standard portrait poses you see over and over again.

At the end of the session we do view your images immediately. Everything you see on our screens at the studio is you without the photo shop. Why do we show your images straight from the camera?

Because we want to show you how amazing you look and just how awesome of a job we (as in you and me girl!) did.
It takes two to make a team and I love to let you see!
We also use this time to talk about anything you want to change with editing. This is an important conversation ladies! Nip and tuck away a little tummy, scoop up some arms or find some skin imperfections or hey, forehead lines from making faces at our loved ones or co-workers; we can fix that!

What is included in your session fee?

1-4 hour session
Why such a big difference?
If you are adding hair and makeup your session is longer because you are getting glammed up with us!

OR! You were super nervous and we had to take more time to help pose you through the session. And that is ok loves! We only book 1-2 clients a day to ensure there is enough time to talk about your pets, your mom, the wild time you had out last weekend plus have a whole photo shoot babes. There is never a rush unless you have a hot date!

3 outfit options
We love to have different sets and different changes for your images.
It gives us the opportunity to go from our starter pictures in something that makes you comfortable all the way to something that makes you feel dangerously sexy and last but not least our "absolutely beautiful and stunning goddess" outfit that we save for all of those beauty shots we save for the end where you've become my best friend and we are just hanging out on the bed laughing  (pinky swear)

A lingerie note! We do not provide lingerie for your sessions. Do some studios offer this? Yes
We do not have a washer and dryer at our studio and most studios don't. Do you see where we are going with this?
Also, would you wear a strangers underwear even if they were washed? I know I wouldn't use a closet of someone else's personal va'jayjay belongings and I say that because I wouldn't ask you to do that either. We do have shear robes, tops and super high stiletto shoes for you to use just in case.

Last note on lingerie sharing, I swear! It is a delicate item and generally with lingerie you get about 4-6 good washes before it looks worn or the lace starts to look crumbly. And a good lingerie set is meant to fit your measurements, not 3 sizes worth.

Digital reveal images same day and online proofing cloud gallery
Every client will get their in studio revel as we noted above. We do our image selections at the studio so we can hep your narrow down your images and help show you ones that need editing versus ones that do not. We want you to create a boudie experience that you love not one you felt you were stuck with 30 images even if you didn't love 30 images.

Each session will create about 40-120 images and loves that can be intimidating when trying to make decisions! Some sessions have less images because you were overly nervous and we took more time to get through the posing. Some sessions breeze through and we have tons of images. OR! you are a returning client and now we have activated fun level 99 because you just let us be great and create for you!

Proofing links
Everyone gets a proofing link that has our gigantic watermark smack dab in the middle. Links are good for 10 days so you can stare lovingly at your images , show your friends or try to coerce your significant other to grab you some more, or book you a return shoot for your next birthday!

Images you want to take home, make books or other novelty items

This was the part you've been reading for this whole time; wasn't it? The what is included, included, INCLUDED part.

Every studio structures their boudoir different. Some will pre-package you and some will charge a minimum $495 retainer in case you don't purchase but you assumed there was images included.

Our studio does neither. We meet you in the middle and let you gauge your happy spot. We want you to feel good about any investment and inform you of exactly what you are purchasing at the end.

We offer editing services for images for a sliding scale cost. We also offer prints and books for clients. And, you can always purchase your galleries completely unedited and without watermark (because we take our pictures to look good straight from our camera to your eyes!)
You receive your digitals from us. Why? Because, your nudes are your nudes and it would be weird if we didn't give them to you.

As every session is different in the number of images we take we do not charge the same for someone with a smaller file as someone who rocked out 100+ images.

Our scale can range from $165-$2500. Our top number is walking away with the "everything everything" PLUS one of those super big and amazing photo books.
But you could also find yourself happily in the middle. The choice is 100% yours! We don't want you to feel pressured or unhappy about your session. We love happy boudie babes and we love your seggsy images going home with you!

If you find yourself loving everything or even a little bit you can always use Afterpay (download this app in advance of your session please) and break up/split any image purchase you do with us at the studio.
Or you can always pay in full using credit card or paypal. Either option gets your images back into your hands asap!

Add in studio Hair & Makeup $99
I didn't forget the other most important thing about your session! Do we think adding this is important? ABSOLUTELY YES! Can you book without it? Of course you can.
Is there a world of difference in the images?  A very big yes as well.
You can book either way for your session but we highly suggest adding it because its

1. A YOU day. Sit back, relax, and look and feel amazing
2. They follow you around and make sure your hair looks good and touch up makeup as needed in case you get too wild or hot and it starts running around Your face. And they also do changes if we go from soft and simple to super sexy and bad ass.

We have 3 amazing hair and makeup artist at our studio. We have a glam team who work with us that can handle any hair texture or any skin color concerns. All of our artist are licensed and provide our ladies with soft and sexy boudie glam. The girls each specializes in brides and commercial productions outside of hanging with us for your session. If you have a specific concern or hair type we can always book the best match for your session.

So babes! My next question is!?!? When are we setting up our Boudie date!

You can text us directly on our studio line at 215-390-6685

This option provides real time, response to response bookings during business hours (10-6pm) during the week.

Or you can use our scheduling page to access our calendar. Please note Sundays and reschedules are not on there. We keep those in our pocket for our wait list or squeeze in clients.

XOXO - Nikki
We cant wait to meet you BABES!


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