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What is Boudoir and why every women should do it.

Boudoir is an outlet for women to really show themselves! At the end of the day YOU do have an inner Vixen that sometimes you cannot show in your daily life. Being a mother, a wife, an employee or just not embracing your femininity or finding the time to do it. The truth is, every women shines when given the right light. And, at our studio we provide all of the right reflections you need to see it!

Boudoir is a gift for yourself or for someone else. Celebrating a milestone birthday, a bridal gift for your fiance, a new mom looking to regain body confidence, weight loss, a girls night out. The reasons to celebrate you are endless! Keep scrolling to find the perfect inspiration below.


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Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, skin tones and backgrounds. There is not one single standard  that defines you as beautiful or able to be "enough" of anything to bring the bombshell out in you. EVERY woman you see on our site is a client who said YESSSSSSSS! I am going to give myself the gift of being awesome (and if you read our reviews on google you will see our client love letters from their sessions). Lets take a scroll through some of beautiful, brave and bad ass women and see if you can't see yourself in them.


Margot 2021

"My journey to getting boudoir photos has been years in the making. When it came time to choose my photographer Nikki's portfolio made her my top choice, it was even more amazing to see that out of the many I researched that she was also affordable.

From the moment you walk in Nikki is your best friend you just haven't met yet, she is your hype woman, and motivates you thru her own positive energy to give you photos that you will cherish forever. She made me feel like the goddess I have struggled to feel like my entire life. She will make you feel sexy and confident, she will help you with every step in the process and her makeup artist will polish you into the absolute best version of yourself. Any concern is immediately addressed, she is responsive and understanding about absolutely everything. This will be one of the best experiences of my life and I proudly have it displayed in my home!"

Shaina 2021

"Nikki is incredible, both as a photographer and person! The minute you step into the studio and are in the hair and makeup chair you feel comfortable. The studio is beautiful and full of natural light. Nikki is so down to earth and funny, which immediately puts you at ease. Both she and her stylists lift you up, and make you feel like you're spending the day with lifelong friends. There is no pressure to wear (or not wear) anything, and definitely no pressure at the end of the session to buy anything. Nikki has an amazing eye, and knows exactly how to dress and pose you in ways that are both sexy and flattering. Her prices are excellent, and I received my images in the time frame she promised. You will leave her studio feeling empowered and confident. I will cherish these photos forever (and so will my husband!)."

Brittany 2021

"Being a bigger girl made me feel super nervous about doing a boudoir shoot but Nikki made me feel 100% comfortable in my own skin and beautiful behind the camera. It was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had! Jen also slayed my hair & make up! Would definitely recommend to anyone!"

Nicole 2021

"I have been following Nikki on IG for a while and my husband has been asking for pictures so I figured what better time then my husbands 30th birthday. She was super easy to book with and super accommodating with dates even if I needed one that wasn’t available. I was super nervous going in but Jen did an absolutely amazing job with hair and makeup and Nikki was so great at making you feel at home and like you’ve known her for years. She makes you feel so comfortable and helps you choose outfits. Keeps you laughing and makes your session amazing. I would definitely recommend her and I am definitely looking forward to booking again in the future."