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Your Boudie Babe

Nikki. Somewhere between my 30's and is this really 40.

 I have been doing Boudoir for longer than I have ever been in a relationship.

In dog years that is ancient. What does that mean for you while reading this?

That I can do this with my eyes closed, but I won't! because that might scare you. But seriously, we are way past our 10 year sexy'versary.


I am a bonafide cat lady. I love the puppies but I definitely relate better in a cats way of life. Naps, find them in the sunshine and warm places plus feral snacking at odd hours in the kitchen


I lovvvvvve pizza but im also a potato and bread lover. Just call me a carbaholic please

I am Pro bawdy, Pro Badassery, I am Pro Get your confidence together so you can slayyyyy the day away and change your life friend.  Rome and Beyonce weren't built in a day and girl Boudoir is a stepping stone to both of them (seriously!)


If I were at a nude resort i would rather go bottomless and show my fupa than show my boobs.

I'm still waiting on puberty 20 years later to send me some tatas. Instead I got them on my back side

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